"Bridge to Success"

DATES: (July 20th,2024- August 10th,2024)

Summer Bridge Program {ONLY 25 LIMITED SPOTS}



Advantages of Qualifying for "Bridge to Success":

  • Receive your first 2 college credits, TUITION-FREE, during the summer bridge program (upon passing the course): Best Achievement for Strategies in College (BASC1200)
  • English and Mathematics workshops aimed at honing skills and facilitating placement into College Algebra and English 1301 upon completion of Bridge to Success.
  • Many great and enjoyable activities and events
  • Provision of a comprehensive orientation to the multitude of campus resources available.
  • Cultivation of confidence and self-belief for success in your first year of your collegiate journey.
  • And much more...


Requirements for Consideration:

  • Complete the Interest Form
  • Incoming Freshman
  • Hispanic or First-Generation Student
  • Submission of Test Scores (ACT, SAT, or TSI) 
    • Depending on Results (Will have to complete 花季传媒's Accuplacer Testing)
  • Complete your 花季传媒 Fall 2024 Class Schedule



“Bridge to Success” is our esteemed 3-week summer bridge program, generously funded by Title V. Bridge to Success provides a comprehensive variety of preparatory classes (English and Math workshops), our acclaimed Basic Achievement Strategies for College course (BASC1200), and many enjoyable activities and events. This initiative is meticulously crafted to empower students with essential skills and bolster confidence prior to embarking on their journey in the Fall semester. Participants have the opportunity to cultivate their collegiate skills while earning their first two college credits entirely tuition-free. Given the exclusive nature of the program, enrollment is limited to a select group of 25 students.

Contact Information

Jonathan Luna

Title V Grant Project Director

  • Campus: Plainview, Texas
  • Building: Gates Hall
  • Phone: 806-414-3262
  • Email: lunaj@wbu.edu
  • CMB: 1309
  • Office Hours:
    M-TH: 8:15 - 5:00
    F: 8:15 - 4:00